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Drew Everson

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Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 02:50 pm

The test said I'm f**n Bill Clinton.  Bullshit.  I actually get shit done.  Damn websites.

So I'm reading Harry Potter.  It is very good.  I am not yet done as I only got it yesterday

So I leave for Europe on Thursday

So I have to build an extemp file

So I just got back from a terrible vacation to St. Louis.

So I want to see and talk to a lot of friends before I leave but won't be able to

So I have been out of town more than in town thus far this summer.


But I still get to go to Europe.

And see Turkey, and Greece, and Spain, and Italy (been there done that), and I guess I am lucky.

I miss everyone who I have not seen yet this summer, or talked to for that matter.  This is what sucks about going out of town so much.

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Home again... Jul. 12th, 2005 @ 12:47 pm
So it is great to be home. I learned a lot at UTNIF, however it is still great to be home. I got to sleep in my own bed, etc. I loved it. I will miss all of my fellow UTNIFers, but the Castilian got old. But, I leave again on Friday...wonderful.
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 08:25 pm
So... I learned more about CDE. And to all CDE extemp alum, I would like to say that I am now better informed. It is not that CDE, UTNIF, or any camp sucks. They are just different. UTNIF is based upon analysis, and delivery is not helped a whole lot. CDE is based on delivery, so my sources tell me. Both come with great results (multiple national champions). I wish I could now attend both camps to learn both facets of extemp.

But moving on.... last night sucked. My roommate got me in trouble. Someone locked him in a hallway between 2 rooms for about 1-2 minutes(it is a suite formation) and he freaked. His laptop was being threatened by Andrew (not me) so he called his dad. His dad drove 1.5 hours to come to pick him up. The kid twisted the story around to say we locked him in there for a long time and crap. It was retarted. Well im stuck in the dorm for the next three days after 1045. It blows...

Oh well. Camp is fun anyway.
Priceless quote in an after dinner speaking speech: "Why do american kids have more Cs than a spanish couple simultaneously having an orgasm..."
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Current Music: Don't Worry, Be happy

UTNIF, Day 2.5 Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 01:40 pm
So I gave two practice speeches yesterday. First was good "Should the United States make its own plutonium?" I had no sources, but have no tubs. Then I had "What should the military do to fullfill its quotas?" My answer, truthfully, I have no fucking clue. But I said we should downsize quotas. Then the guy critiquing me (National Final Round Champ in IX) said it was dumb. I had terrible fluency, and it sucked.
But one of our counselors, Brian, a CDE and UTNIF alum, is one of the coolest people like ever. He partied with frickin Johnny Knoxville. Damn. He also hate CDE more than all the other counselors combined.

This morning: We had a lecture on Mexico and Canada. It was pretty sweet.
Best quotes: Jason:"Will the Quebecois secede?" *Silence* "Damnit the answer is HELL NO. When I ask will the Quebecois secede you answer" Students chant "HELL NO".
Jason: "Whose bitch is the IMF?" Students: "OUR BITCH"

Hella fun here.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: "Life's Been Good"--Joe Walsh

Debate Camp Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 10:21 am
Hello my friends, foes, and whatever else you might be. I am reporting from debate camp. I just gave my first practice speech. It sucked. Would not have gotten a first in South Carolina round. No fluency whatsoever. Oh well. I'll get better. UTNIF is fucking crazy. Everyone is crazy. Really.

All the extempers here hate CDE. It is great. They are like "CDE sucks" and "CDE is bad". But we really have an awesome faculty and stuff, so I will learn a lot.

Geek camps rock
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» (No Subject)
So, I went to observe nationals. It was pretty awesome. They f'ed up some of the results, but oh well. (For example, in H.I. third place should have been disqualified, and I saw some better pieces that didn't break). Congrats to Nikhil to making top 30. Congrats to all that competed really

Well, tommorow I leave for UTNIF (University of Texas National Institute of Forensics) for an extemp camp. Damn I'm a geek. But it will rock. I will have my laptop, so I might update.

I earned $400 working for my dad, but all of it has to go pay for part of my camp. DAMNIT!

Oh yeah, my signature is my eye, I cropped it off of a larger photo. I might change it eventually, but it is not gross, it's only my eye.
» So...
So, my brother graduated. I can't believe he did it, such a frickin' accomplishment. He gets all these frickin' presents. Bastard. Then he is going to Duke, and he is getting an assload of money from our "friends" and family. Most of those "friends" he has not talked to for more than 5 minutes. Just because he graduated, he got over $2,000. Bastard. Graduation was uber-boring. They read out names. Yay. Exciting. Then we had some boring speeches. Well, Amanda Powell had a pretty good speech. And my relatives were in town. Thank God they left today.

To top it all off, the doctor tells me I'm an inch shorter than I thought (5'10") and 10 pounds more than I thought I weighed. So now I'm short and fat... DAMNIT.

Im just glad it is summer break. My busy summer starts with lacrosse camp next week. Yay.
» (No Subject)

This is absolutely histerical... From the Onion

Bush Caught In One Of His Own Terror Traps

Bush Caught In One Of His Own Terror Traps


That is quite funny as well.... Exploring human stupidity...

» Exams begin
So today I had my English exam. 100 on the multiple choice/short answer part. Then comes the essay. We had to interpret a poem. Mine was completely wrong. I thought it was symbolic, but it wasn't. A frickin' literal poem... What BULLSHIT.

I also watched Episode IV last night. Episode III was definitely better. A New Hope didn't have much about the force. They don't explain it or anything.

But good luck to everyone on all exams.

And if you read this on Wednesday, and don't have a 1st period exam.... Noon, Applebee's Woodruff...
» Tuesday
Is it just me, or have we done absolutely nothing in school the past week...
Whatever, works for me.
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